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Organize Your Home-Based Business with the Perfect Office Space!!

Organize Your Home-Based Business with the Perfect Office Space

Keeping your home-based business organized and productive can be challenging. With the right office space, however, you can keep everything running efficiently.

Buying a home with NVGemme Real Estate could be the perfect way to get the home office you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re buying, building, or just redecorating, explore these options for creating the perfect workspace for your from-home business.

Move Your Home-Based Business

If relocation is in the cards, make sure to factor your company into your plans. Look for properties with extra space, a dedicated study or den, or even an in-law quarters with separate entry. All these add-ons can ensure you have adequate room for your workstation, product storage, and more.

Explore homeprices in your area or beyond to see what your options are. Be sure to check out properties that have ample room for both daily living and your business operations. Or look for listings that include large lots or room to build up or out.

Build Out (or Up) to Make Room

For business owners who love their current homes, moving out may not be an option. But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to work at your coffee table until retirement.

From a full-on room addition that gives you more square footage to less conventional building methods, try one of these ideas to make your existing homework for your company. (Just keep city zoning laws and building codes in mind, however. Not every addition will be permissible by law, notes Better Homes & Gardens.)

Build Up

Consider installing a loft workspace. This is an especially handy option for homes with high ceilings, but you can also tweak the idea to suit an attic space. You can move your desk to the small second level or set it aside for product storage. Either way, you get extra square footage for a low price.

Build Out(side)

Many homeowners with big yards or expansive properties are choosing separate office spaces. From yurts – which you can often install in a day – to pods that arrive on-site fully assembled, there are tons of options for large yards. Prefabricated backyard offices are a trend that might be worth exploring for all types of from-home businesses.


Adding square footage through another room, a second story or bump-out can increase your home’s value and give you the necessary professional space. For example, The Nest notes that a reasonable expectation for ROI on an attic bedroom renovation is about 80 percent.

No matter how you expand, ensuring that you (or your builder) file the appropriate documents is crucial. You’ll also want to aim for the highest quality materials and methods to preserve your property value (and safety).

Organize, Decorate, and Enjoy

However you choose to sketch out your office space, spending time on the design is essential. You want a clean environment that helps you focus – not piles of household items cramping your style (and elbow room).

A clear space is the first step, and while you’re working with a clean slate, consider a new paint job and other design elements. Specific color palettes, for example, can help improve your focus and minimize distractions.

Then, select furniture pieces that are functional and comfortable – such as an ergonomic chair and a desk that accommodates your work equipment. Sticking to a budget is smart, but don’t choose the absolute cheapest products – quality matters here.

Of course, in some cases, loan options can help you fund necessary business improvements. Both private and government funding programs offer financing to help upgrade your office space and more. The financial support could make your office makeover more doable – so you can bet back to business sooner.


Whether you buy, build, or makeover your work area, establishing a functional home office space can be instrumental for your business success. Are you ready to start shopping for a new place to call home and work? Contact NVGemme Real Estate today for a consultation.

Photo via Unsplash

Article written by Tina Martin

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