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Money Mondays!

According to Elena Boland at Wholesale Mortgage……………….

Each week you will receive our Market Updates. Why?

Staying relevant matters.

Each week you will also receive my typos. Why?

I’m not regurgitating a copy-paste article. These are real, relevant facts you should pay attention to each week or if you need a quick rate reference when writing your contracts.

3.599% Conventional

3.25% Government loan (FHA/VA/USDA)

*subject to change with the market, primary residence

What are you doing to stay on track? Do you take the time to stop and smell the roses? 

It’s a great combination of questions, because you can’t stay on track unless you stop to take a breath! We often work ourselves hard and drive hard to our goals. Resting, relaxing and refueling is a vital part of our mental and physical health. Sometimes I will admit this does not come easy to me! I have had to learn to appreciate all that is lent back to me once I do find a way to plan recovery time. After all, we are working for our life even when work is our life and joy!

Try a few of these small tips from our team:

  1. Read 15 minutes a day
  2. Commit to 2 hours of work with no break, then get up and walk 10 mins OUTSIDE! Marvel at how much you just gone done in that 2 hour block
  3. Sundays take 30 mins to schedule out your week
  4. Mondays decide how many leads you want to get that week and go after it!

 It’s time to get out of the daily routine of putting off lead generation and give it a try. Every day! We are here to support you. If you aren’t currently working with our team, just ask yourself “what does my lender do for me”, dive into all of the things we can help you with!

Elena Boland

Senior Loan Officer

NMLS #373615

Wholesale Mortgage Services 

 6880 S. McCarran Blvd. Unit 6 Reno, NV 89509

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775-527-8985 Cell

775-825-1600 Office
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