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How to Safely Show Your Home to Buyers Amid COVID-19!

How to Safely Show Your Home to Buyers Amid COVID-19


If you’re getting ready to sell your house, there are a few things you should know about staging and showing a home amid the COVID-19 outbreak. To protect you, your household, and your prospective buyers from the coronavirus, for instance, you may want to rely on listing photos and video-only tours to show your house during COVID-19 — reserving physical home showings for serious buyers only. To eliminate germs in the event of an in-person showing with a real estate agent, contractor, appraiser, or prospective buyer, however, you’ll need to make sure you’re cleaning and disinfecting your home — especially commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, and light switches.


Since the bulk of your showings will be done virtually rather than physically, you’ll also need to focus on staging your home for video-only tours, listing photos, and 3D walkthroughs. For some tips on highlighting your home’s best features when showing it virtually, read on!

Virtual Staging Tips and Considerations

To keep potentially harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses out of homes, sellers and real estate agents are using different types of virtual technology to show houses to interested buyers. During the pandemic, for instance, several safe alternatives to physical showings include 3D walkthroughs, live video-chat tours, and virtual open houses. NVGemme Real Estate can help walk you through the process, or you can learn how to do it yourself if you’d prefer.


While these virtual technologies will allow you to show your home to buyers without bringing potentially harmful germs into your house, you’ll need to stage the property in a way that helps it to stand out — both on and off the screen.


Here are a few simple staging tips for showing your home virtually during COVID-19:


  • Add curb appeal to the home by painting your front door, decluttering your lawn, and cleaning and washing the windows.

  • Depersonalize your home’s interior by removing any family keepsakes and photos.

  • Don’t forget to keep the exterior “neutral” as well, which includes storing your vehicles. If you have an RV and are unable to keep it in the garage, hide it with an RV cover so that buyers can focus on the home itself. A cover can also act as a barrier so that your RV stays protected from sun rays, snow, and other potential causes of damage.

  • Clean and declutter your home’s interior, including the bathroom and kitchen countertops, closets, and home office.

  • Take your real estate photos and videos during the day, and make sure your blinds and shades are open to let in as much natural light as possible.

  • Highlight the home’s best features in your real estate photos and videos, whether it’s the kitchen appliances, updated master bedroom, or large outdoor space.


If you’ll be buying and moving into a new house before selling your current home, you may wish to use virtual staging tools to dress up your home before showing it to prospective buyers. According to Investopedia, staged homes usually sell for more than those that are unstaged — and they tend to sell much more quickly as well.

Get Ready to Sell Your Home

As you get your home ready to sell during the coronavirus crisis, you’ll want to complete a few additional steps before listing your house on the MLS. First, it’s important to conduct an online search to see how other available properties are being showcased in their listing photos, videos, and 3D walkthroughs. This will give you some ideas for staging your own home prior to your first showing with prospective buyers. Another essential step includes checking the average sale prices and market trends in your area, as this will help you to determine just how competitive your local housing marketplace is.


After researching your local housing market, it’ll be time to reach out to an experienced real estate team, such as NVGemme Real Estate, to assist you in taking your property photos and videos and listing your home on the MLS. Since you’ll be relying on virtual showings and video tours to help sell your home, a tech-savvy real estate agent will have the skills and knowledge you’ll need to sell your house as quickly as possible during COVID-19 — and at the highest listing price.


Image courtesy of Pexels

Article written by Tina Martin

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