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Home Winterization Tips!

Temperatures are dropping and we want you to be prepared, here’s a list of things you should consider for “Winterizing” your home.

Indoor Winterizing

  1.   Get HVAC/furnace serviced
  2.   Replace furnace filter
  3.   Check weather stripping on doors
  4.   Caulk around windows
  5.   Get firewood supply ready for wood burning fireplaces
  6.   Have your chimney cleaned
  7.   Check smoke detectors
  8.   Check carbon monoxide detectors
  9.   Drain your hot water heater… you can improve the efficiency by 50%
  10. Exchange summer and winter clothes
Outdoor Winterizing
  1.   Clean out gutters and downspouts
  2.   Clean and store or cover grille
  3.   Clean and store kids outdoor toys e.g. balls, water table, kiddie pools etc.
  4.   Clean and store bird houses
  5.   Cover air conditioning unit
  6.   Stain or re-stain fences
  7.   Drain garden hoses and store for the season
  8. Turn off water valve or insulate exterior spigots
  9. Fertilize the grass with a Fall/Winter fertilizer mix
  10. Check outdoor lighting and replace bulbs 


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