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Cool & Calming Nevada Hikes


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7 Cool And Calming Hikes To Take In Nevada To Help You Reflect On The Year Ahead

There’s no off-season here in Nevada when it comes to adventure. There’s simply an abundance of great outdoor opportunities to check out in our state, even during the winter season! In fact, winter is a great time of year to get out and hit the trail, as the Silver State’s snowy landscapes are definitely a sight to be seen. We compiled a list of seven winter hiking trails to check out this season. These trails are not only a great way to stretch your legs but they boast some of the most gorgeous scenery our state has to offer. Make it your goal to accomplish a few of these in the upcoming weeks for a memorable winter adventure.

What’s your favorite winter hiking trail in Nevada? Let us know in the comments if you would add any to this list! Check out more seasonal adventures with this list of 8 Picturesque Trails In Nevada That Are Perfect For Winter Hiking.

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