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Your Northern Nevada Home

Your Northern Nevada Home

Ask US how to save you money when you Sell your home?

As a Company OUR passion and optimism for the Real Estate Industry continues to grow. We pride ourselves in being proactive with our clients’ Needs and keeping up on housing market trends. In addition, We continue to strengthen our professionalism and expertise by holding ourselves to a high standard in efficiency, honesty, and integrity. It’s important to know that our market changes frequently; Therefore, putting our clients interests first, and keeping ahead of the market with “systems” that work, creates massive success for our home Sellers and Buyers. As a Growing Company, NVGemme Real Estate offers “Forward Thinking for the New Nevada!” We have an aggressive desire to exceed expectations, challenge our goals, and continue to grow within the Real Estate community.

We are accountable to providing exceptional representation in the Real Estate Market, facilitating the Selling and Buying process from all aspects of client services, and meeting home Seller’s and Buyer’s needs in our housing industry Effectively.

We have a quick response time, a great pulse on market trends, and a sharp awareness of our clients needs.

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